Your Appointment

What to expect

I will:

  • Turn up on time and introduce myself

  • Visually inspect chimney stack/pots

  • Visually check appliance/fireplace

Chimney Sweep

Preparation Begins

Sheet up around fireplace, if necessary sheet up from front door to fireplace.

Ample sheet/floor runners are carried by myself, the customer does not need to cover anything prior to the appointment.

The appliance/fireplace is screened off & swept with brush, rod and vacuumed. During sweeping the customer is asked to view the chimney brush out of chimney pot, to prove chimney has been swept all the way through.

All soot/debris is removed from appliance.

A smoke evacuation check is performed by setting off a smoke pellet, to prove the chimney is venting correctly and free from obstructions, customer will be asked to view the smoke from outside the property.

Clear up and leave the property as clean as when I arrived.

An insurance approved Industry Standard Certificate of Chimney Sweeping is issued per chimney. (THESE ARE A MUST FOR THATCHED PROPERITIES).

All I ask from the customer is for a clean grate free from ash and a clear area around the fireplace/appliance and a cup of tea would be nice!

* Discounted rates for multiple chimneys in the same property

* Fully Insured

* Free No Obligation Quote

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