Lucky Wedding Sweep

A sign of good luck

To see a Chimney Sweep on your Wedding Day is a sign of good luck and fertility for the newly married couple. When a lucky chimney sweep attends the wedding, this 200 year old timeless tradition is said to bring good luck to the happy couple.

The folklore goes that:-

King George was riding his horse in a royal procession. A dog ran from the crowd, barking and nipping at the King’s horse. The horse reared, and to the horror of the crowd, almost threw the King! A lone figure, shabbily dressed and filthy, stepped into the road. He caught the horse’s halter and calmed the animal.

As quickly as he appeared, the man faded back into crowd. The King, wanting to reward the man, asked his name. No-one knew the man’s name, but many told the King “He’s just a Chimney Sweep!” The King declared that from that day forward…”Chimney Sweeps should be regarded as Lucky!”

Lucky Chimney Sweep
Lucky Chimney Sweep
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My Service:-

  • Shaking grooms hand & stealing a kiss from the bride

  • Wishing you both good luck for the future

  • Presenting a bottle of champagne/ card & gift

  • Present for photographs

  • Choice of outfits (Victorian sweep or Mary Poppins Sweep)

By hiring me you know you are hiring a true trained chimney sweep not an entertainer dressed as one.

I will attend your Wedding/Civil service or reception, your choice and will follow the tradition by shaking the grooms hand and stealing a kiss from the bride, then wishing both of you good luck for the future. I will then present you both with a bottle of champagne and a handmade card along with a lucky gift made from coal.

I will attend for an hour to hour and half, for photographs with yourselves and guests.

I have two outfits for you to choose from: a Victorian sweep (i.e. top hat & tails) and a Mary Poppins sweep (i.e. flat cap & blazer)

(The 35 mile radius covered does not apply to the Lucky Wedding Sweep Service – I can travel much further afield should you require it.)

* Discounted rates for multiple chimneys in the same property

* Fully Insured

* Free No Obligation Quote

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